Daily Yoga Poses

This article is inspired by Ekhart Yoga, whose post is here: Daily yoga poses After a quick warm up, I proceeded to try out these six poses and practice the breathing techniques and repetition associated with each instruction. It was very relaxing and calming to be practicing yoga at dusk in the local park. Low lunge … Continue reading Daily Yoga Poses

Yoga Music for a Peaceful Practice

Want to add some soulful music into your everyday practice? Well here are some suggestions: Upbeat Yoga Music Mellow Yoga Music Happy Yoga Music Peaceful Yoga Music Sad Yoga Music Music sometimes enhances your focus during practice and makes it more meaningful, so it can be helpful towards your time spent on the mat. However, … Continue reading Yoga Music for a Peaceful Practice

7 Hacks for Workout Motivation

Sometimes finding the intrinsic motivation to get out of your bed and off of your electronics to go to the gym or head for a run is hard. Exercising is hard work but it pays off because the results are physically and mentally apparent. Some people love the adrenaline thrill of cardiovascular activities and feel … Continue reading 7 Hacks for Workout Motivation

How to exercise when it’s freezing outside

1.Prepare some hand warmers and dress the part Stocking up on hand warmers is a great idea because they come in handy all the time. You can get them at the local supermarket or online retailers like Amazon. These nifty little hot pockets keep your hands toasty for several hours and are a great investment. … Continue reading How to exercise when it’s freezing outside


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